We provide our children and adults the convenience of learning  karate and personal safety in their health clubs, schools, offices, recreation centers, and churches. Bringing to our students over 30 years of expertise from a worldwide recognized martial artist. Contributing karate and personal safety classes at less than half the cost of our competitors. Supporting an individualized commitment to the student's personal growth, academic performance, and physical and mental health. Strengthen communities by providing sponsored enrichment opportunities for at-risk children and adolescents.

   Batiste Martial Arts is the accumulation of over twenty five years of
experience by World Karate Champion Rod Batiste. It’s a hybrid form of self defense that combines the most useful aspects of Tae Kwon Do, Karate,
Kung Fu, Aikido, Boxing, Ju-jitsu and Kick boxing.
   Its primary emphasis is on academic excellence and fitness. Its inventor Rod Batiste, is an 8th degree black belt with over 20 years of teaching experience. He began studies in 1967 in Brooklyn New York. He has trained hundreds of black belts while receiving many awards, including the prestigious world champion title of the National Karate Association as well as the U.S. champion title for the Professional Karate Association.

BENEFITS:   1. Fun!
                     2. Convenience
                     3. Discipline
                     4. Self-confidence
                     5. A Structured Program
                     6. Character-Building
                     7. Affordability
                     8. Self-Defense
                     9. Physical Fitness
                     10. Excitement

The premier on-site fitness and personal safety organization in the
metropolitan D.C. Area.

WHO WE SERVE:    * Schools
                                * Recreation Centers  
                                * Health Clubs
                                * Offices
                                * Churches
                                * Boys and Girls Clubs

REQUIREMENTS:     Class Identification Card

                                  Children's          Adult's

                                  White Belt        White Belt
                                  Gold Belt          Gold Belt
                                  Green Belt        Green Belt
                                  Blue Belt          Purple Belt
                                  Red Belt           Blue Belt
                                  Brown Belt       Red Belt

Healthy Start

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