Backache Exercises for Home or Office

If you have ever suffered a backache you should read this article.

A back problem that is not the result of some kind of impact – like backing up quickly to catch a ball and running into the point of a table- is usually the result of bad posture. Bad posture in most cases is the result of being overweight, slouching, or sleeping on your stomach.  Follow these exercises and say goodbye to your ailment.

The root of the problem: Most backaches are the results of the lower spine being rolled or curled forward allowing the weight of the shoulders to condensed at the point of pain.  Strong stomach muscles are imperative in helping to solve the problem because strong stomach muscles keep the stomach aligned, but a strong stomach alone is not enough once the pain begins. Strong stomach muscles are a preventative cure mostly.

Here are six exercises that can help once the pain starts.

1)      Lie down on the floor (the surface of which you do the exercise has to be firm), extend your arms over your head; consciously  flatten your lower back against the floor; pretend that you are on a “Medieval” torture rack and there is a rope tied to your right arm at the wrist and left leg at the ankle that is pulling hard (as you do this do not arch your back);  hold the position for a few seconds and then switch. After doing both sides; pretend that both legs and arms are being pulled at the same time. What you are trying to do is stretch your spine to combat the bowing caused by bad posture etc. Once you get the feel for this exercise you can do it from a standing position against any wall, even at work.

2)      While lying on the floor bring  your feet up as close as you can to your bottom; let your knees flop out to your left and right respectively; while allowing your knees to dangly, place the soles of your feet together; place your palms behind your head and interlock your fingers; flatten your lower back against the floor; using your palms, press your chin into the cleavage of your collarbone and roll your head forward until you begin to feel your spine being stretched (do not raise your shoulder blade off of the floor). Do the stretch about four or five times holding the curl a few seconds at the end of each role.

3)      This next exercise is actually a strengthening and pain relief exercise: while lying on your back, bring your heels up as close to your bottom as possible, extend both of your arms above your head, palms up; in a sweeping motion roll your arms down to each of your side at the same time; when your elbows are about shoulder high and you have right angles in both of your arms, raise your arms back over your head; at the same time that you are doing this exercise perform exercise number (flatten you lower back against the floor as you raise your arms over your head). This exercise can also be done against a wall.

4)      This next exercise is also a strengthening exercise: From the lying down position, roll over into a doggy position; from this position, raise your right hand and straight arm up in front of you; at the same time raise your left leg and slowly extend it; repeat with your opposite arm and leg. Do this about five times on each side.

 5)      Finally, from the doggy position, arch your back as much as you can, once this is done straighten your back in line with your backside and shoulders (it is important that you do not allow your back to bow after you arch it). Do the exercise about five times.  This exercise can be done in a standing position. From a standing position, lean forward slightly while allowing your knees to bend (do not support your weight with your knees). Let your hands dangle in front of your knees; arch your back as if you were on the floor in the doggy position.

6)      The pretzel is a back and glut stretching exercise that I took from Yoga.  Here’s how to do it!   

Sit on the floor; extend your right leg straight out; bend your left leg at the knee and place the flat of your foot on the right side of your extended leg; put you right hand on the floor behind you; lift your left hand towards the ceiling and place it on against the right side of your right leg; take a deep breath as you breath out, look as far as you can to the right, behind you. If you have done everything right you will feel your lower back and spine being stretched will notice back pain relief immediately, sometimes it will take a few days. Be patient and keep at it. It works!

Before I end this article I need to say this… if you are serious about improving your body and mind, consider taking a martial arts class.

Martial arts is great for back pain relief and prevention because the stances demand that your posture is straight and correct. Being in a correct stance strengthen your torso muscles and helps prevent and correct poor posture.

I am in the process of creating a martial arts class that will cater to the needs of middle-aged and elder adults (“BodyKarate”). It will be listed online in the Arlington County “Enjoy Arlington” recreation guide. If you are interested in losing weight, improving your posture, increasing your energy level or just plain having fun as you exercise, give it a try.

May you have everything that you want, and want everything that you need.

MB signing out