Fight Fatigue

As you get older and your muscles begin to atrophy you may find yourself getting tired more quickly and often. This is due to oxygen starvation. Earth’s gravitational pull plays a significant role in muscle dilapidation and loss of tone.

Have you ever noticed how (especially young) children seem to have a vast reservoir of endless energy?

That’s because when we are young we are like flowers blooming in the early spring. Our muscles (although not formed yet) are able to combat the pull of gravity because they are in essence sprouting. This process continues well into our early twenties. In our mid-twenties, our muscles reach a point of completion and they discontinue the developing process.

For about ten years we are able to maintain high levels of energy output without much sweat off or our backs. Then in our late thirties (if you are a non-athlete person) the gravitational pull of earth starts to impact our bodies negatively.  The havoc reaped on muscles by gravity is compounded by sedentary lifestyles.

Because of non-athletic-use, your legs, chest, back, arms and heart muscles all begin to let you down with simple chores like shoveling snow, cutting grass, carrying luggage through airports, moving furniture around the house, etc.   

Research has proved that muscle atrophy is the primary cause of heart attacks!  As you strain to do a job requiring heavy lifting the muscles that are used (let’s say your legs) send an urgent message to your heart to pump more blood (which carries oxygen) to the area being stressed. This forces your heart into overdrive and if you don’t have a healthy heart tragedy may befall you.

But all is not doom and gloom if fact rectifying the problem is quite easy. Here is the process.

When muscles are toned they process oxygen readily which combats oxygen starvation and staves off fatigue.

Fatigue is a result of oxygen debt. The next time you see someone trying to lift something abnormally heavy for them pay attention, he/she will instinctively take a big breath before attempting the lift. This is nature telling us to oxygenate the muscles.

An easy way to combat atrophy is by doing 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, and 10 calf raises (full body exercise routine) daily. The process takes about 5min and will keep the primary muscle in shape. In order to exercise your heart consider walking to places that you really don’t need a car for, skip the elevator and walk up the stairs instead, during lunch hour (when weather permits) walk around instead of sitting again.  The benefits are profound, and you’ll look and feel better.

Good luck, and stay healthy