These Are the Easiest Practices for Your Head-to-Toe Health

By Jennifer McGregor

We all want to be a little healthier, but sometimes, we just don’t know how to make that happen. Busy schedules and busy minds make it difficult to fit in major changes in our habits, like spending hours in the gym. If you want to lead a healthier life, however, you don’t really need to make any drastic changes. All you need are some simple, head-to-toe health strategies that anyone can fit into their lives. Here are a few tricks to try.


Keep Your Home Really Clean

When you think of your health, you may not immediately think about your home. The fact is, however, your home has more of an impact on your overall health than you realize. The air quality inside your home can determine whether you are able to breathe easy or if you will be plagued by chronic issues. Air that is laced with dust, allergens and pollutants can trigger allergies, asthma or even more serious health conditions. To maintain air quality in your home, it’s important to routinely change your filters. When it comes to air filters, quality matters. For instance, a MERV 13 filter can trap most particles in the air.

When it comes to your home and your health, you shouldn’t stop at your air, though. Many people do not realize that clutter can cause issues as well, so try to keep your home organized and tidy. It’s also a good idea to clean your home regularly. If life is feeling a little chaotic, you can always hire help. Just make sure you can afford the price; it costs an average price of $180 to hire a maid service in Arlington.


Eat Food That Will Heal You

Keeping your diet balanced is a good start to protecting your health. If you really want to take control of your overall wellness, you have to take control of your microbiome and gut health. Your microbiome refers to the tiny organisms that live in your body, mostly in your gut. Understanding the link between your gut health and important bodily functions like food digestion, immune system management, and emotional control will make you realize how important the foods you eat really are for your overall well-being. To help keep your gut in check, you should incorporate fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi into your daily diet. Balance these out with other super-healthy foods, like fish and vegetables, and you have the perfect recipe for protecting yourself from disease and health issues.


Make Relaxation a Top Priority

With a busy schedule, relaxation can seem like a luxury. In reality, though, taking time to really relax is crucial to protecting your health. By making time to practice a creative hobby or mindfulness meditation, you are helping to reduce stress levels in your body. Since stress can be a major trigger for physical and mental health problems, making relaxation a priority could be one of the best moves you make for yourself. To really help your body release tension, try booking a massage (you can expect to pay around $60 for a 60-minute massage). The benefits of massage include the obvious, such as relaxation and a sense of calm, but regular massages can also help with migraines and certain cancer treatment side effects. So, try to take a break and treat your body to some stress-relief every now and then.


Carve Out Some Time for Exercise

Another major move you can make for your health is to simply keep yourself moving. Regular exercise will help regulate physical processes in your body, but it also helps regulate your mood. Some of the best exercises for your mind and body are ones that you can easily fit into your day. Jump in a pool for a few laps to work your muscles and your heart, or go for a relaxing walk to benefit your body and help your mind relax. When you cannot find the time for even these simple workouts, you still need to find ways to exercise. Try waking up a little earlier to fit in a quick yoga session or brisk walk before you start your day.

Improving your health doesn’t have to involve making huge sacrifices. With some basic changes to the routines you already have, you can make major improvements in your overall wellness, and take more control over your life. Try a few of the tips above (or try them all) to get yourself feeling the best you ever have. You will be so glad you did!


Photo Credit: Pixabay