Madison    with the Staff

Madison with the Staff


The “Ninja Rangers – A Warrior’s Call” is a full service summer camp designed to help students utilize their full range of imagination and problem solving skills. It also develops their self-respect and confidence through individual attention and encouragement, and teaches them to respect the abilities and rights of their peers through a healthy and competitive curriculum. 

Ranger’s Camp teaches today’s youth teamwork, respect for authority, self-sacrifice, and fun, child-level ‘stealth maneuvers’.

Camp participants are thrust back in time to ancient Japan. They are among the nation’s elite soldiers, who are summoned by the King to fight off the repetitive attempts of a hostile takeover by the King’s enemies. Several attempts to unseat the ruler of Japan have left the King’s forces sadly depleted, and cost them their nation’s flag! The King must recruit more of his land’s finest defensive specialty forces.  So he summons all available warriors to a special training camp. 

Edison  with the Sword

Edison with the Sword

They have to train to defeat the king’s enemies and recapture the flag, which the king must possess in order to continue his reign.  The soldiers have 5 days to train for the skirmish, including creating camouflage gear, to use against the enemy forces. The fate of the ancient Ninja nation depends on your child(ren)!

Place: Oswald Durant Arts Center

Located at 1605 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA

Date: 7/22 through 7/26

Time: 9am-4pm

Cost: $235 per child

Code: 172649-01