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Karate Jamboree

In Karate Jamboree some of the things your child will take away from the session:

  • An understanding and use of proper classroom etiquette.

  • How to be courteous when others around them are not.

  • How to play safe.

  • How to follow through on instruction unsupervised.

  • How to use self-restrain.

  • How to use maximum focused attention when educators are talking.

  • How to be respectful even when no one is watching.

  • How and when to say NO to peer pressure.

  • How to keep defiance under control plus board breaking, weapons, sparring, and bully proofing.

Having discipline is not only important for older kids, studies show that, the younger a child is exposed to

it the more receptive they are to applying it.

At WCRB, we don’t just talk about success, we produce it!