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Healthy Start: Toddler Play & Learn

Early Childhood Development through martial arts program at LaPetite Daycare Centers

It’s Sesame Street the Martial Arts Way!!! **

The Rundown on How the Program Works!

Your baby grows:

  • Physically – by practicing both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Cognitively- by increasing thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Verbally- by acquiring receptive and expressive communication.
  • Psychologically – by discovering more about self – identity.
  • Socially – by learning how to interact with others.
  • Emotionally – by mastering the expression of emotions.

Through a myriad of martial arts related games and learning activities designed to tap into specified growth areas, toddlers will “Play as they grow”, and “learn as they play.”

Whether your child is a thirty six month old, learning: object permanence, problem solving, sorting, classification, and seriation (putting things in order), or… a sixty month old, learning: body awareness, gross motor skills, language/vocabulary building, listening and following instructions skills, and social interaction skills, their development will be enhanced by this program in three significant ways!

First, is muscle growth and maturation. While your infant has a long way to go before maturing, the exercises we have chosen for our warm up portion of the program are specifically designed to stimulate growth and put your child on the path to having a vibrant, lean, healthy body as they get older.

Second, we infuse the seeds of coordination, balance and body control with our mother approved tot karate technique portion of the program.

Third, every class ends with challenge games; games that are designed to improve your child’s problem solving ability, memory, cognitive development, lead follow ability and gross motor skills.

We also sprinkle every class with a liberal amount of word association, counting, spelling and examples of things that will make their behavior socially acceptable.



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