Master Batiste’s Bio


Master Batiste has been practicing karate since the 1960’s and is an 8th degree black belt, and has held the USA and World Middleweight Championship titles. 

His love for martial arts started with his “Mother Art” Japanese GoJu.  After receiving his (first of many) black belts, he transferred to “Kung Fu” where he began learning Alan Lee’s Kung Fu Wu Su in New York City.

While in the Army he began training and became an instructor in Jow Ga Kung Fu while stationed at Ft Belvoir Va.

At the time, Kung Fu did not offer an option to compete, so Master Batiste transferred to his first competitive karate style, Robert’s Karate where he earned a second-degree black belt.   

He first started to gain notoriety for his martial arts prowess in the 70’s when as a point fighter he became the East Coast Champion.

At the time, a new form of martial art was developing “Kickboxing”. Because of his notoriety and skill, he was asked by martial arts kingpin and film star Chuck Norris to try out for a team that he was putting together.

Though he did not make the team his reputation continued to grow as he continued to win contest after contest.

Master Batiste with his most influential instructor, Jhoon Rhee< "The Father of American Tae Kwon Do".

Master Batiste with his most influential instructor, Jhoon Rhee< "The Father of American Tae Kwon Do".

Jhoon Rhee, who is known as “The Father of American Tae Kwon Do” hired Master Batiste, and made him part of his stable of fighting experts that dominated the martial arts world of competition. In that capacity Master Batiste traveled abroad as a fighting representative when America challenged other countries. (He fought in Mexico and Canada as part of An American team).

In 1986, Master Batiste won the “World Middleweight” Karate title by defeating Jimmy Horsely.

Horsely, at the time had eighteen professional fights and never lost a round.

Unfortunately, his victory was short lived due to the organization going defunct.

Master Batiste then picked up his pace and continued his winnings after transferring to Joe Corley’s Professional Karate Association (PKA).  

In the eighties he participated in “The most watched fight in Kickboxing history” when he fought Champion “Don the Dragon Wilson” in Pensacola, FL on ESPN Cable Vision.

In an elimination fight Master Batiste not only fought but knocked out karate warrior Ray McCallum.

McCallum was in his prime and was being heralded as “One of the greatest fighters of his era” – Martial Arts: Traditions, History, People by Corcoran and Farkus.

In his second fight for the world championship his hand broke in the second round, and he was still able to go nine rounds with champion Jean Ives Theriualt. 

When Master Batiste retired from active competition, he stayed active by teaching some of Washington’s elite, people like: Mary Wilson of the Supremes singing group, Richard Trumka President of the AFL-CIO, Congresswomen Jane Harman, Queen Knorr of Jordan, Sydney Harman of Harman enterprises, James V. Kimsey CEO Emeritus of America Online, he even provided body guard service when actor Mr. T. came to town.

In the 1980’s Master Batiste founded World Champion Rod Batiste “WCRB” On-Site Karate. It is the largest provider of martial arts services in the Washington Metro area. In this capacity Master Batiste’s organization has contracted with many childcare providers and recreation centers in the Washington Area to bring martial arts to kids aged toddlers and up. His clients have included:

  • KinderCare

  • La Petite

  • Childtime

  • Springfield Academy

  • Chester Brook Academy

  • Arlington Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • Manassas Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • Falls Church Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • Loudoun County Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • Alexandria Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • The Dept of Commerce and more!

In 2009 Master Batiste started the Professional Instructor Training Institute, a trade school that teaches black belts how to teach martial arts professionally. Additionally, P.I.T.I. hires its trainees to service the many on-site locations that WCRB Karate provides services to.

Master Batiste is the author of two books: Twenty Years to suicide a father looks backs and DAGPAW Means Success: A Parent’s Guide to Instilling Martial Arts Success Skills Into Their Child from Home.

Here is a list of magazines and a T.V. show that Master Batiste was in:

  • The Washington Post Style section

  • The International Herald Tribune

  • Self Magazine

  • Ebony Magazine

  • Fighting Stars

  • Sport Karate

  • Martial Arts: Traditions, History, and People

  • Official Karate

  • A Man called Hawk (T.V. show)