No belt to White belt test




The no belt period in your martial arts experience is the most important. It is so because this is where you learn all the fundamentals that you will need in the upper ranks.

All of the stances, courtesies and basics of which martial arts is based on is learned in this rank.

Martial arts has existed for centuries because of the imparting of these fundamentals from instructor to student – and more importantly student to student - from generation to generation.

Yes, as incredible as it may seem every student in martial arts is an instructor to lower belts and is expected to lead by example.

If you are ready to take this test, you have now entered seriously into the ranks of the martial arts warrior. For the future preservation of our sport wear your uniform and rank with honor and TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO!


The no belt test is based on a working knowledge  of the following:

  1. Each student will be given a blank class card, a calendar & asked to fill out the card*****

  2. Student pledge ****

  3. Authoritative voice projection. *****

  4. Working knowledge of martial arts courtesies ****

  5. How to tie belt **

  6. Six martial arts stances**

  7. Explanation and demonstration of front stance***

  8. Six direction demonstration of front stance****

  9. Punches and kicks *

  10. Release from grabs*

The star behind the subject represents its importance to get right when testing. A three star value or higher MUST BE DONE PROPERLY in order to pass the test.


How the test is given:

  1. At the beginning of a test a student will be asked to “Recite the student pledge”. He / she is expected to recite the pledge in its entirety, plus know that “IT IS THE CODE THAT WE LIVE BY”.

  2. The student will be asked to leave and enter the room. (He/ she is expected to say,”Sir/Ma’am” may I leave/enter the room? IN A VOICE OF AUTHORITY.)

  3. Student will then be given the following commands: Cheerio, kyunyee, June bee and parade rest. ( The student must assume each position BY STATING THE PROPER VOICE REQUIREMENTS AND PROJECTION.)

  4. The student will be given the command of “Defensive Stance”. (The student must assume the stance with a THREATENING YELL.)

  5. Once in the “Defensive stance the instructor will make a correction. (The student must know that they are required to say “thank you Sir/ma’am IN A LOUD VOICE)


Once you pass the test you will graduate into the official ranks of the martial arts world. It is important for you to maintain the courtesies that you have mastered to earn your belt. Always be aware that as someone who has passed a test you will always be required to demonstrate the ability to use the things that you have been tested on without being reminded or risk the loss of rank.